About us

UKRAINE.UKRNETIA.COM is website focused on information about dating, mariage and relationships with women from Ukraine, and pecularities which go along with it. Information we share is written by our experts – people who either live in Ukraine or we publish the opinions and thoughts of people who travel Ukraine and have made their own assumptions on dating and marriage process in this country. Most of the articles are written by Ukrainians who were born and lived for long time in Ukraine, but in recent years (5 and more years) have moved abroad for permanent living.

This website is informative source which gives you personal opinions of different people who focuse on dating and marriage process in Ukraine. The thoughts which are expressed here have been personal thoughts of people, therefore might be subjective. We always try to share different opinions, because we believe this is the only way to find out general truth. However, we ask you do not take anything written here personally. Any coincidence with real people is accidental. Website never publishes personal information.

General hints given in the articles should be taken as general information, but NOT a call to action!