American Date Ukraine or typical Ukrainian man

Starting this post I suddenly thought it has double meaning. American man would like to have a date with Ukrainian woman or American woman might to go for a date with man from Ukraine. Let us say not from Ukraine, but Ukrainian, maybe, the one who is of Ukrainian origin. On this website I usually write about American men dating Ukrainian girls, but I have never told you, my dear readers, about American woman that went for a date with Ukrainian, how was it, are there many happy Ukrainian-American families? There is completely no information about this on the Internet and I am going to correct this somehow.

When I started to discover this issue I had to collect information step by step. This was kind of hard but I guess I finally found the grain of truth. I will not write long stories of life and so on, I’ll just try to sum up briefly what I found.

In most cases American women are very happy they are dating with Ukrainian man. Main pluses they describe are that Ukrainian men are very attentive to the girls. They take care of their girl, make sincere compliments and are very gentle. They like to bring you flowers. They try to earn as much, so their wife would not need to work, but have more time for herself. They pay for dinner if you went to expensive restaurant and pay for cheap hot dogs or hamburgers if you both were hungry and decided to eat something. It is a norm of life for Ukrainian man to pay for both – himself and his woman (even if you are just dating him the 1st time). Read also: Are interracial marriages possible in Ukraine

American Date Ukraine or typical Ukrainian man

Ukrainian men expect their woman to be more like housewife, but if you tell him you like to work and you don’t like to cook and clean the house, he will understand you and take your position as it should be. Remember, he loves you. But be more careful when it goes about children. If you are married and have children, they (Ukrainian men) want you to be a good caring mother. Otherwise it may even come to divorcement. In his eyes you don’t have to sit all the day with kids, of course, no. But you have to love your children and take care about family nest.

American women are constant that Ukrainian men have good stamina in bed and try to satisfy their sexual partner.

Ukrainian man are brave, they are not afraid of fights and are always ready to protect their girlfriend or family. They are not afraid of hard work and of any work, I would say. Those Ukrainian men, they are all in one – mechanics, farmers, computer engineers, teachers, plumbers and doctors. I am serious, average Ukrainian man knows how to repair a car, knows Geography and Astronomy, is perfect cook, can fix everything instead of plumber or electrician, helps kids with home task, is a great lover, and has good physical fit. This is who they are like, those mysterious Ukrainian men. Read also: Beauty woman for marriage in Ukraine

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