Do Ukrainian girls want to leave Ukraine?

Very popular today became question which sounds “do Ukrainian girls want to get out of there?” By “there” many foreign guys mean Ukraine. So, to rephrase it would be actually “Do Ukrainian girls want to leave Ukraine”. What would be the answer? Very simple: it depends.

Many heard that on the east of Ukraine there is war where pro-Russian separatists/terrorists and Russian regular troops fight with Ukrainian army. This happens on Ukrainian territory called Donbas and it takes some parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine. It is logical that civil people would like to escape these territories and no matter where to go – abroad or other parts of Ukraine.

Among people who would like to get out of Eastern Ukraine there are many women. All those women and people are moving mostly to southern, central, northern and western Ukraine. The rest under influence of Russian propaganda TV moves to Russia. There is small part of those people from eastern Ukraine who leave Ukraine for some foreign countries, but not Russia. If you are looking for such Ukrainian girl, who desperately wants to leave Ukraine, I would not advice you to get acquainted with her. Why? Many western men who were in Ukraine say that the more east of Ukraine you travel, the more Russian influence is and the more violent and cruel people are. East of Ukraine known by the biggest crime rate in Ukraine. If you are looking for Ukrainian girl or Ukrainian wife even, it is better to search one in western Ukraine, northern Ukraine or Central Ukraine. People in these parts of Ukraine are more kind, educated, intelligent and tolerant to other nations. Many of them have already been abroad to western countries. Read also: Do Ukrainian guys have problems dating girls because of money?

Do Ukrainian girls want to leave Ukraine?

If you are interested “Do Ukrainian girls want to leave Ukraine” as the country in general, it is not like that most of all. Ukraine has many problems with corruption in executive, legislative and other branches. In addition to this – non-proclaimed officially war with Russia now. National Ukrainian currency has dropped dramatically against dollar. At the beginning of the year you could have bought $1 for 8 UAH and at the beginning of March 2015 it is 30 UAH or even 35 UAH. Prices are getting higher and salaries in Ukraine are not raised. So, logically if some people would like to leave Ukraine for other country with less of problems and better way of life, but desire to live Ukraine does not have massive support among Ukrainians. Ukrainian people and Ukrainian girls in particular are great patriots of their land. In 2014 many young Ukrainians died in peaceful protests from the bullets of armed troops of previous pro-Russian president Victor Yanukovich, who lately escaped from Ukraine to Russia. Ukrainians showed their willing to live not only geographically in European country, but by European standards of life. Many Ukrainian girls and men want to live in Ukraine, but work for competitive salary, have the same law for everyone, destroy corruption, to have fair trial. According to this, I would not say many Ukrainians catastrophically would like to leave Ukraine for US or other foreign country. There is also type of Ukrainian people, who would like to live abroad for some time, earn big sum of money and then come back to Ukraine, build the house, buy a car and create family with lovely wife and kids.

Why some Ukrainians want to leave Ukraine? Because many are tired to struggle with corrupted courts, corrupted legislative and executive power of all levels, starting from capital and ending by mayor of small village. Ukraine had peaceful Orange revolution in 2004 that changed nothing. Ukraine had revolution in 2013-2014 when many people were killed by previous power, but nothing has changed. Changes are cosmetic and reforms taken by government are non-effective. Average salary in Ukraine is 2000 UAH, a year ago it was about $300 and now (march 2015) it is $70. Prices gone up high, in addition, to get IMF credit, Ukrainian government raised bills for gas 7 times more and 60% more for electricity. Most of Ukrainian families, earning 4000 UAH per month (wife and husband) have to pay for bills about 3200 UAH. And where to get money for food, clothes, how to raise children in such circumstances? Ukraine has more expensive prices for food, than neighboring EU members, but the most expensive cars in the world, because the biggest government custom fee for imported cars in the world. But Ukraine produces lots of goods and has a lot of resources that are sold abroad for dollar. The only logical conclusion is that corrupted owners of the biggest enterprises and plants are so pressing 45 million Ukrainian nation, that people have no other way than make revolutions, that do not help to change anything or to leave the country for abroad or just simply die. In addition, there is war on the east of Ukraine that takes lives of soldiers and civilians every day. Well, it is logical then if some Ukrainians would like to leave this country forever. I only wonder why “some”. In such circumstances any other European nation either would not survive or escaped entirely to some other country. Dear Ukrainians, I am fascinated with your patience. How could you keep so kind and hospitable even during such a hard times? Read also: Are Ukrainian women good for wives?

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