Do Ukrainian guys have problems dating girls because of money?

Hard days are coming for average Ukrainian boy, who would like dating a girl permanently. Though Ukraine had passed thru 2 revolutions, peaceful and the one including victims, life in this country did not become better, on the contrary. It is getting worse day by day. Politicians only promise and at the same time make killing reforms. Corruption is blooming and nothing has changed for better at all. Many Ukrainians suffer from lack of money and that brings a lot of problems. Average Ukrainian guy does not have funds for dating with a girl and it does not mean he is lazy to work. I will explain today’s situation in Ukraine by calculations and examples so you understand it better.

During 2014 and especially during the February of 2015, Ukrainian national currency dropped 4 times against dollar and became the weakest national currency in the world. If before $1 was 8 UAH (Ukrainian Hryvnia), now it is about 24 UAH and in winter it was about 32 UAH per one dollar. What is interesting, prices for everything rose up dramatically, but the salaries didn’t. Government and other politicians didn’t make any necessary changes to index national currency according to the cost of living. If last year average Ukrainian earned $300 a month and it was 2400 UAH, now, according to inflation level it should be at least 6700 UAH. Guess what? – Average Ukrainian still gets 2400 UAH and Ukraine is the country which imports most of things from abroad, except for some provision. Now I’ll tell you prices and you’ll be terrified!

Household appliances

To buy a fridge in 2013 average Ukrainian had to spend about $400 and it was 3200 UAH. Earning average 2000 UAH per month (many earned less – about 1500 UAH per month) average Ukrainian could buy it, probably in few months. What about now? – $400 is about 9100 UAH and the salary is 2000 UAH per month! The same is about clothes, that is mostly imported from China and Turkey and the import needs to be bought in dollars.


A pack of chewing gum used to be 3.5 UAH and now it’s 12 UAH! Small “Sn³kers” bar used to be 4.5 UAH and now about 15 UAH! Prices got up high on everything. If unsliced bread used to cost 4.5 UAH, now it is about 8 UAH. And the salaries are the same. Government keeps them small in order not to cause inflation and possible default, but Ukrainians don’t know for now what would be better. And now I’m just going kill you with the next information. Ukrainian Government raised prices for gas bills 4 times! Gas is the most widespread way to heat the house in winter, to heat the water and to prepare food in Ukraine. If during winter period average Ukrainian had to pay for gas about 700 UAH in average, next winter it would be 2800 UAH! This is kind of absurd, because how only payment for gas be higher than salary? And in addition to that Ukrainian family has to pay bills for electricity (which will be tripled, by the way), water, internet, to buy food, clothes. I’m not talking about rising up children, teaching them at school. It seems that to get sick in Ukraine is only allowed to rich citizens, because it’s too expensive to buy medicines or go to the hospital.

Do Ukrainian guys have problems dating girls because of money?

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And now let us think about how average Ukrainian guy is going to date a girl. He earns about 2000 UAH per month and, assume, lives alone. To rent an apartment in the city you have to pay about 2500 UAH per month (if it’s not Kyiv, in Kyiv it is at least 4000 UAH per month), but he rents an apartment with 3 other guys and they share 2500 UAH per 4 people, so it’s 625 UAH per month. At least 500 UAH he spends on food and at least 300 UAH per month for public transport and about 70 UAH he spends for internet and 50 UAH per cell phone. So, it’s 1545 UAH in total. If 2000 UAH minus 1545 UAH, that 455 UAH is what he’s got. If he would not buy any clothes, cologne, razor or shampoo or shaving cream he will have 455 UAH for dating. In Ukraine girls are got used to the fact guy has to pay for cafe if he asked girl for a date. It is a norm of society, so don’t be surprised. Average dinner in descent cafe would cost about 300-400 UAH for both, not including cocktails and stuff like that. We might assume 455 UAH would be enough for dinner on the date. But it might be not enough for taxi at the end of the evening. By the way, it is almost a rule in Ukraine to bring flowers on the first date and bouquet of flowers costs about 120 UAH till 500 UAH.

So, overage Ukrainian guy does not have chances to date a girl, because he simply does not have money? In many cases it is truth. Of course, some guys get 3000 UAH per month or more. Some work on two or even three work placements and manage to earn more. Some prefer to go dating in the cinema or just walking in the park, but the problem still exists. Ukrainian guys have tough times over there in Ukraine. Many of them, even having University diploma are going to work abroad as farmers, because if you work at the farm in Denmark e.g. and get $2000 per month and you work as the teacher of English in Ukraine and get $150 per month, it is a great difference. Moreover, in Neighboring Republic of Belarus average salary is $650, in Russia it is $480, in Poland $1100. Ukraine is the country of horrors for its citizens and the more it goes, the more it seems Ukraine has no good future. Must say, people of the country are very kind and hospitable and it seems they do not deserve for such politicians and oligarchs who sucked up the last juices out of Ukraine.

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We can’t blame Ukrainian women for desire to live better life and bring up children in no need. We can’t blame them for being picky or, as many say, gold diggers, because gold-diggers are different. Ukrainian women want to live normal life and Ukrainian guys are struggling for that in hard circumstances, even when it is going about such simple thing as dating Ukrainian girl. And what is most embarrassing here, Ukraine as the country is not poor, it is very rich in different natural resources, fertile soils and intelligent and hardworking people. The tragedy of Ukraine is most of GDP is stolen by so-called oligarchs, who own essential for country enterprises, sell production for export in dollars and pay their workers same amount in UAH, even if the currency had dropped down 4 times.

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  1. November 26, 2017

    […] Among people who would like to get out of Eastern Ukraine there are many women. All those women and people are moving mostly to southern, central, northern and western Ukraine. The rest under influence of Russian propaganda TV moves to Russia. There is small part of those people from eastern Ukraine who leave Ukraine for some foreign countries, but not Russia. If you are looking for such Ukrainian girl, who desperately wants to leave Ukraine, I would not advice you to get acquainted with her. Why? Many western men who were in Ukraine say that the more east of Ukraine you travel, the more Russian influence is and the more violent and cruel people are. East of Ukraine known by the biggest crime rate in Ukraine. If you are looking for Ukrainian girl or Ukrainian wife even, it is better to search one in western Ukraine, northern Ukraine or Central Ukraine. People in these parts of Ukraine are more kind, educated, intelligent and tolerant to other nations. Many of them have already been abroad to western countries. Read also: Do Ukrainian guys have problems dating girls because of money? […]

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