How to find out you are getting scammed in Ukraine, what to do in Kyiv and how finally to find the only one in Ukraine

American guys usually visit Ukraine, because they have already heard of adorable Ukrainian ladies. Guy starts online search for pretties and within some time he founds one and only as it seems at first. There are actually two most possible reasons, why American men one day finally decide to visit Ukraine. The first reason is you have already found a girl in Ukraine and she invited you to visit Ukraine and in hope to see her in real and some other romantic feelings you are going to Ukraine. The second reason is you have spend some time looking for pretty pictures of Ukrainian ladies, read some articles about Ukraine and Ukrainian women and one day you have made strong decision to check your gentleman skills in Ukraine. In addition to that you have read Ukraine is poor country and having US dollars in the pocket you are able to do wonders there, including women. Some inner part of you is interested is all you have read about Ukraine is true and, maybe, in such a way you try to destroy myths about Ukraine. Or you just want to prove yourself you have enough skills and knowledge to conquer pretty Eastern Slavic woman.

What will happen to you if you appear in Ukraine? Imagine the situation you are American man, who decided to find love in Ukraine and for some reason you took a flight to Ukraine. Let’s think about possible scenario of your staying in Ukraine. The first possible way is you are going to be scammed and in reality you meet either not that pretty girl from the picture, who was communicating with you, but some other girl, maybe not that pretty. The second “surprise” could be her complete absence of English. “How that could happen if I chatted with her and her English was perfect?” you may ask. I would say you were communicating to some other girl, not the one you met in Ukraine after arrival. Some scam dating agencies in Ukraine hire professionals, who speak fluent English. These girls usually are University graduates, who were studying foreign languages and philology. They get good salaries and their job is to chat with foreigner as long as possible. As you might know, one minute of special communication services costs pretty much money and the girl gets some percentage from this money for communication. It is natural to chat for long with American or Australian she has to know English very well. There is very simple way to check whether this communication is scam or not. If you give the girl in chat window your email or link to profile in social network and she either does not respond or under some other excuses refuses to communicate via alternative ways, this is a highly possible scam.

How to find out you are getting scammed in Ukraine

But let us back to previous discussion. You came to Ukraine and met not the girl you were chatting with and this “new” girl does not speak English and as you don’t know what to do because you are in foreign country and you are a little confused. If she does not speak English, she came to meet you with translator. Be sure, translator in Ukraine is well-paid job, so she has to pay her/(rarely him) for… your expense. It might be not directly asked, but you are the sponsor even if you are not willing to be him. Chances are high you will go to expensive restaurant and will be surprised with prices, as they could be even higher than you used to in the US. Later under idea to show you the city, you will walk in some expensive district with lots of boutiques and stores and you could be even asked or given hints to buy her some jewelry, expensive clothes or new iPhone. The only aim of such scammer is you to buy her gifts. The next day she will bring clothes and phones to the store to get money back. All the time she is going to flirt with you, giving you hope for quick sex or close relations in the future. And now think just for yourself, would normal girl do that at the first day of meeting? Americans are very naive and let themselves to be used by such scammers. The thing is these so called “dating agencies” have only one aim – to get as much money from you as they are able to on the whole long way; starting from the very beginning (paid video chat) and ending with buying fur coat for $1500 for your Ukrainian girlfriend.

What to do if you appeared in such situation in Ukraine? First of all, don’t panic as it is the worse could happen. If you noticed things I described earlier, you better refuse to communicate further. Should you buy a ticket home right away? It is up to you, but I would give you advices how to have a good time in Ukraine and maybe find real girl. As most of planes from USA arrive at Boryspil Airport in Kyiv, Ukraine, I would say that is place where your Ukrainian adventure starts. First of all, Boryspil Airport is 25 km away from Kyiv, so you will have to get there. First of all find the bank or window with sign “Money exchange” and exchange US dollars into hryvnias (UAH), Ukrainian currency. When you go outside, many taxi drivers noticing you are foreigner would ask you to take a “cheap” cab to Kyiv. Never ever do that, because you can get to Kyiv for 40 UAH by public transport (bus) and taxi driver would ask you 400 UAH or even more! Ask some otherpeople, but not taxi drivers, where the bus to Kyiv is situated. People in Ukraine usually are very hospitable and kindly would help you. The buses usually go from Boryspil to Kyiv every 15 minutes.

When I get to Kyiv what should I do? Kyiv is European capital and there are many interesting places to go and to see, depending on your preferences; but first of all you have to find place for living like hotel or hostel. Your Smartphone or laptop would help you. Many cafes and restaurants in Kyiv have free Wi-Fi spots, so use it to find hotel or hostel. If you don’t know the password, ask waitress or barmen in English. If you know the address, don’t be afraid to use taxi now. Taxi services in Kyiv are cheap as for foreigner and they do not fool clients, unlike these private taxi drivers in Boryspil. There are also services like couch surfing in Kyiv so you may use them instead of hotel or hostel, but you have to keep some their rules like to be registered in advance and if someone needs to stay in the USA, you would allow your place for staying. In Kyiv you may choose places for fun yourself. You may take a walk to the city center to Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti) or to People’s Friendship Arch. If you are brave enough you can get acquainted with girls on the street, but most likely you won’t be able to find a girl who will go dating with you this night. Good way is to ask a girl help you and then to start conversation if she speaks English. Do not expect Ukrainian girls to be excited you are American and so on. What you have read on the internet about accessible Ukrainian girls is mostly not true. Most of Ukrainian girls dream about long term relations that would lead to marriage. Christian morality and bringing up strict in a family also does not allow Ukrainian girls to have multiple boyfriends (and they do not want it), I’m not even telling about one night stand. If you are still interested in easy going girls, you may go to the club and find some of them out there. BUT, it does not mean all the girls in Ukrainian club came to find a guy for night. Some of them came just to dance and communicate with friends, some came to have a cocktail and change atmosphere and some came to pick up a guy; you have to be able to distinguish that all types of girls, otherwise you have chance to get in trouble in Ukraine.

The best way for American to find a girl in Ukraine is to visit Ukraine and live for some time in this country. Living in Ukraine is not hard, but interesting and some things might be challenging for American. In Ukraine you may visit many interesting places and find new friends. Maybe among them one day you will find your girlfriend and future wife. Or you may come back to the US with good memories but without girlfriend, what is more likely. You see, if it is going about that perfect Ukrainian lady, who is damn pretty and intelligent and non-emancipated at the same time, it is very hard to make her your girlfriend as you have a chance only if she gets interested in you as the person. And if you are aged American man, what interest for young Ukrainian lady you show? I’m not talking about money or American citizenship as here I’m talking about “normal girls” who have relations with guys just for love or personal qualities.

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  1. these nominations were very good for me, because I met hundreds of girls online, but until now I have not met any girl that I may be interested in, I hope to meet some girl who has at heart the desire of family and wants to build a relationship forever.

  2. Robert says:

    I was interested about coming to Kiev to find a future wife and doing a lot of research on marriage agencies but it appears that the whole business is just a scam. Thank you for the article and advice sincerely appreciated. Looks after all I am not coming ever to Ukraine. Besides my sister in law from Odessa told me I will be wasting my time over there. Things have change since she was there many years ago. The whole place is pretty much corrupted thanks to the Government.

  3. Tom says:

    I am in contact with a woman from Siberia who is living in Mexico. I am nearly twice her age. She has sent me many pictures and video so I know she speaks good English. I have expressed deep concern over our difference in age. I am 71 and she is 36. I am not a desperate man. I have been married 3 times and had 2 long term relationships since my last divorce. I told her that I am content with my life, but I have been looking at her for 2 years, and when I retired I contacted her on a whim. I would never fly to Russia to look for a wife, but Mexico is not a big deal. She has a thriving business in Mexico and I have seen her website. She has a 7 year old son that she is very devoted to, and in their pictures they always look happy. I have tried to understand how a woman as beautiful as her who lives so close has not been pursued by many men over these 2 years. I am so skeptical because of the big age difference. I think she makes good money in Mexico, and she has never expressed any woes about money. I have never contacted any other woman, and like I said I would never travel to Russia to meet anyone. She just had to travel to Russia over some custody issues with her son, and she did not ask for any money for the trip. I don’t need this but if a relationship grows I would be open to it. Realistically could such a union survive, and do you see any Red Flags that I am not seeing. I have done everything to chase her away telling her all my faults, and that I am not wealthy. She often describes Mexico as paradise, and it appears she does not have a burning desire to leave there.

  1. November 26, 2017

    […] She was beautiful not only externally but also internally: a very intelligent, well-read, at that time she was about receiving a doctorate. She was keenly interested in culture, art, music, she has travelled a lot and could tell me so many interesting things about everything (her English was fluent, although she was constantly in doubt and was embarrassed with her “meager” vocabulary). Life for her was of paramount importance as well as friendship. I can tell she appreciated her friends more than gold. She was a fantastic girl who took care of me. I took care about her as well: I was pleased to give her flowers and gifts, and she never asked for them, unlike my other Ukrainian girlfriend. Read also: How to find girlfriend in Ukraine? […]

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