Marrying Ukrainian Woman

Typical questions which concern not only Ukrainian women, but all women of the world.  Every man is nervous about future wedding, because it is responsible step in everyone’s life.

Marrying a Ukrainian woman every man must be responsible. Ukrainian women got used to the fact, that man is the head of a family. This is not like in Muslim countries, where woman always do husband’s will, no.

In case of Ukrainian wife, she expects her man to rule the family, to protect her if necessary, to earn more money than her. It does not mean that Ukrainian wife is lazy and does nothing.

Ukrainian wife the same as her husband goes to work, but she also cooks after work, not obligatory – she just likes that. If man does not share house duties like cleaning or taking children home from school, she will do that herself without complaints. Such interesting creatures they are – Ukrainian woman. But do not forget, that every person gets tired and if your Ukrainian wife will do all the house work, cook, take home children from school, she might have no time or desire for romantic pleasures with you.

Marrying a Ukrainian do not forget to buy her flowers, not on purpose or on holidays only. Do it spontaneously, they love it a lot, believe me.

If you marry woman from Ukraine, look for legislative nuances and what documents you and your future wife need to get married. There are two types of marrying Ukrainian woman: in Ukraine and in foreign country. Every way has pros and cons.

Before you married girl from Ukraine, remember that Ukrainian woman have high level of intelligence. They are very smart and they are not just beautiful dolls. Cover does not show inner world. So, if you are not very smart, better not marry to Ukrainian, because you will not have anything in common and this is quick way to divorce.

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Marrying Ukrainian Woman


Marrying a Ukrainian woman, do not think if you are foreigner you are better in something. Ukraine is developed European country, but with the extremely high rate of corruption, though, Ukrainians learned how to survive in that circumstances. They are smart, hospitable, nice, kind and patriotic, so do not try to humiliate your future wife, because you will get harsh repulse. If Ukrainian is “normal”, I mean, not scam, easy going and so on, it does not matter to her marry Ukrainian man or foreign man, she will marry you if she loves you and feels bilateral sympathy.

If you decided to marry beauty from poor country, this is not that case. Visit Ukraine first, learns about their way of life. In cities it is the same as in any big European or American city. Learn, read, analyze, visit Ukraine, live there for some time and only than marry Ukrainian woman. By the way, only visiting Ukraine yourself, without using any dating agencies you have a chance to find true love and decent beautiful Ukrainian wife. Read also: Don’t make such mistakes when dating Ukrainian girl

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