Religious aspects of Ukrainian marriage

In mixed marriages gender features of both spouses representatives must be taken into account. Rooted in language, religion, traditions, customs, they will influence on the development of personality.

The survey on the status of religious Ukrainian population exemplifies a small percentage of the population professes certain doctrinal tenets of religion and consciously takes canons of church discipline. According to data published by the Razumkov Centre, 2007 59% of respondents considered themselves believers among youth 18-29 years – 53%.

However, the recent increase in the number of young people who profess cot canonical form of religion is 34%, which mainly is personal form of religion, the young person defines himself/herself the duty, and church organization clergy and ordinances that apply for the role of mediator between man and God, while overshadowed by the degree of importance. Although religious society is shallow and superficial in Ukraine, but today’s youth when choosing spouses pays attention to religion.

Public opinion polls conducted by KIIS in October 2008 showed that 67.5% of believers expressed a particular measure (full or partial) of willingness to accept people of other religious beliefs as husband / wife. Young was somewhat cautious: 63% of them agreed with interfaith marriage relation. Most of the young people interviewed were quite tolerant to different religious beliefs of possible marital half, unless this person is fanatical in faith. If my wife was of another faith, I would not accept her faith. I would be with my faith, and at the same time would not forbid my wife to believe her faith. I would respect her culture and her religion. (Ukrainian man, ’18 years old, Kyiv).

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Religious aspects of Ukrainian marriage

Sociologists point out that young people are even willing to change their faith, which may be due to low levels of confidence and belief that their denominational choice is only true and the only way to know God. 22.6% of respondents in Ukraine believe that their religious tradition is the only true source of knowledge about God. Nearly half (47.8%) disagree with this statement and another 29.5% cannot decide.

A lot of different nationalities do not intend to marry a person of another faith. It is easier give way with national differences but according to different faith beliefs it is harder (Gagauz girl, 21 years old, Odessa region). As far as I know, if the husband is of a different faith, then the wife should take this belief, and I’m not ready (Ukrainian girl, 17 years old, Kyiv). If he does not like orthodox church that’s his problem. I will not change my point of view (Ukrainian girl, 21 years old, Odessa region). It would be difficult if in the morning we got up and went to different churches (Ukrainian, ’27, Zhytomyr).

Strongly against another religion were all surveyed Crimean Tatars, referring to the religious and cultural differences among nations, and perhaps even civilizations. A person can be of a different nationality, but not of other faiths, as when two different faiths, it is difficult for children. Muslims girl should marry a Muslim man (Crimea Tatar, ‘20, AR Crimea).

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So, mixed marriages in today’s multi-ethnic Ukrainian society, with increasing number of interethnic, interracial, interfaith relations, contribute to the interpenetration of cultures. Young people generally understand that Ukraine should consider processes globalization in the world. If a certain bias, the choice of the couple with the representatives of the other ethnic group, race or religion, quite high degree of Ukrainian youth’s tolerance should be noted. On this basis are formed positive social, intercultural and interpersonal relationships that exclude confrontation and violence.

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