To those man who look for wife in Ukraine

If you decided to find a wife and live with her in happiness and “in grief and joy” it is brave step. But when men say “I want to find a good wife, I shall go to Ukraine and grab one” it sounds so stupid that even hard to imagine. What does it mean “I’ll go to Ukraine and find wife”. Marriage is very serious step and marrying woman and creating family is not step made just for fun. If you are looking for some easy-going girls, you may find lots of them wherever you go in the whole world.

Ukraine is huge country and girls are different there. There are women of different social status, moral qualities and level of education and, of course, behavior.

It is as hard to find wife in Ukraine as it is in US, Canada or Australia. If you are looser in your country and you are not able to find women because she will never be with you considering many reasons (poor, stupid, ugly, shy etc.) you will not find wife in Ukraine as well. The best thing in this case that might happen with you is that you will meet online some fake-girl chatting to you, usually professional Ukrainian translator. Then you will visit Ukraine: Kiev or, more likely, Odessa, and spend unreal sum of money – few thousand dollars for a week and will get only communication with pretty Ukrainian woman via translator (in some cases without), but this communication will be not sincere, because women you’ll go for a date is just working and that’s it. It is a work for her, and this work does not include sex. Just communication, expensive gifts from you, extremely expensive restaurants and at the end of week you are flying home hopeless and disappointed.

To those man who look for wife in Ukraine

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Does it mean Ukrainian woman are bad? – Of course, no. You just chose not the right way to find Ukrainian wife. There are many scammers that need just your money. There are also some sex tourists who visit Slavic countries, find chip girls and have fun, but that fact could not characterize all the country and Ukrainian women in general.

If you are dreaming of Ukrainian wife, we would advise you to do some steps before dating at the beginning of your search.

First of all, read some more about Ukraine and its culture. Then learn Ukrainian language. I mean with vocabulary, maybe you’ll have to visit Ukrainian language courses, but you must have at least poor level of Ukrainian language. It is very hard, maybe, even the hardest part, but without it you will not get success in search of Ukrainian wife or will be simply deceived. Then, after you have some level of Ukrainian language, try to visit Ukrainian clubs and talk to Ukrainians from Diaspora. That must help you. Visit Ukrainian social networks online and communicate to Ukrainian girls there. Young Ukrainian generation speaks descent English and you may combine your Ukrainian and “her” UkrEnglish while communicating. Then maybe you will find some good girl and some day visit Ukraine. But do not live with illusions, maybe after this visit to Ukraine you will have to come back with nothing. Take it as a tourist trip to Ukraine and not more.

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If you don’t find wife in Ukraine quickly, it is good. Why? When you go for a date in your country, how quick girl you date with just once becomes your wife? It is very rare case. So why do you think that after just one flight to Ukraine you will find real good caring wife? It is nonsense because every person need time to get to know the other person better. If you found wife in Ukraine quick, be watchful, usually something is wrong here. It is possible scam or the girl has really bad reputation. Get married only if you have real feelings and it doesn’t matter whether she is Ukrainian, French or Italian. We are all human beings.

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