Ukrainian girl

Women in USA have serious control in everything what is somehow connected to relationship issues. Beauty of human body is not that important to them and it has been replaced with materialism and consumeralism. Such features are hard to find in common in Ukraine, except for rich women from Kyiv or other big cities.

In contrast women from Ukraine keep their bodies in shape, but it does not mean it is the only thing they do. In general, woman from Ukraine is less materialistic, well educated, open-hearted about marriage and family and culture values that any other girl from the rest of Europe.

Ukrainian woman is looking for sincere love and it does not matter what nationality this love is going to be. Ukrainian woman is not interested to change citizenship because with Ukrainian passport she could get visa and work anywhere in Europe. They are seeking for pure love because it allows building strong and happy family. No matter what have you been reading before and what stereotypes you have, Ukrainian woman would like to be a bride of non-materialistic man who is going to love and value her.

How to meet Ukrainian girls

To meet girls from Ukraine, you have to seek for those who would like to meet you as well and then communication is going to be on normal level. It is better not to use special websites, but register Ukrainian social network and communicate with girls there on different topics. The most popular websites are in Ukrainian, but have multi language panel as well. If not, you will have to use online translator and it is not the best option, because sometimes the meaning might be completely different after translation or incomprehensible at all. Within some time maybe you will find the one who will pay more attention to you and your relations will gain new level of communication. As the plus of chat on Ukrainian website, you will chat with real girls and see their real photos. On the English Internet you may find scammers or not Ukrainian girls under this title. Perfect if you find Ukrainian girl with good level of English, because that will not only make communication easier at the first stage, but also could help in the future if you will have closer relations. Read also: Girl from Ukraine taling shower (Picture)

Ukrainian girl

What phrases in Ukrainian to use to impress Ukrainian girl?

If you are already communicating with Ukrainian girl, she will be pleasantly surprised if you spend some time on learning Ukrainian phrases and tell them during conversation. The fact that you have spent time learning her language will show her your honor, respect and that you are serious about her. Below I will give you a list of phrases in Ukrainian, you may write in messages or pronounce while speaking with Ukrainian girl.

In Ukraine women pay great attention to words you say. By using sincere words you are able to win your Ukrainian lady’s heart. In West career and status are more important and speak for their owner. I will not say status and money are not important in Ukraine – they are, but words have lost the power on West and still are able to change things in Ukraine.

If some ask should I learn Ukrainian or Russian phrases to impress Ukrainian girl, I would say learn Ukrainian. Ukrainian is the only official language in Ukraine; people speak Ukrainian in Western Ukraine from Lviv to Rivne, Ternopil, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk and other cities to Kyiv. In villages and small towns people speak Ukrainian as well. East of Ukraine is traditionally pro-Russian and people speak Russian there, but understand Ukrainian as well. Ukrainian language is closer to Slovak, Czech, Polish and Belarusian than to Russian. Also according to the situation that Russia annexed Crimea peninsula in Ukraine and provides non-proclaimed war in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, anti-Russian moves are more common in Ukraine.

If you are going to type phrases, but do not have Cyrillic alphabet, the transliteration will do instead, and it is when you type Ukrainian word in Latin letters.

I love you

Я тебе кохаю – Ya tebe kohayu – I love you

Кохання – Kohannya – Love

Ти подобаєшся мені – Ty podobaeshsia meni – I love you more and more

Як сказатищо любиш – Yak skazaty scho liubysh – How to say I love you

Romantic expressions

Моє серце бється для Тебе! – Moye serce bietsia dlia tebe! – My heart beats for you!

Я без тебе не можу жити – Ya bez tebe ne mozhoo zhyty – I can’t live without you

Ми будемо разом? – My boodemo razom? – Do you want to stay with me?

Я хочу побачитися з Тобою! – Ya hochoo pobachitisia z toboyu! – I want to meet with you.

Поцілунок – Potsiloonok – Kiss.

Ти снилася мені цієї ночі – Ty snylasia meni tsiei nochi – I’ve been dreaming about you last night

Ти така красива! – Ty taka krasyva! – You are so beautiful!

Ти найкраща жінка у світі – Ty naikrashcha zhinka u sviti – You’re the best woman in the world

Я закохався з першого погляду – Ya zakochavsya z pershoho pogliadoo – I felt in love from the first look

Ти зайнята вечером? – Ty zanyata vecherom? – Are you busy this evening?

Ми побачимося знову? – My pobachymosia znovoo? – Will we meet ever again?

Tи просто чарівна! – Ty prosto charivna! – You are simply beauty

Весілля – Vesillya – Wedding

Я хочу з тобою одружитися – ja hochoo z toboiu odruzhytysia – I’d like to marry you

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