Ukrainian woman traits

The main Ukrainian woman traits we are going to describe in this today’s article. What traits are Ukrainian women famous for and what traits of Ukrainian ladies make man from all over the world to lose their mind?

The most known traits of Ukrainian woman are beauty, intelligence and kindness. Those are the main ones and there are much more. Let us start with main and move further to less important, minor traits.

Beauty of Ukrainian woman is the fact well known. This beauty is widespread all over the world and there are many foreign grooms who dream to possess this beauty. The reason for Ukrainian beauty is genetic heritage, given from ancestors by centuries. Slavic beauty is perfect and Ukrainian girls are thought to be the most pretty among Slavic nations. Except for natural beauty, Ukrainian women have a good taste and dress well, use proper make-up and like heels. Ukrainian women pay big attention to their appearance not only on some occasions, but in casual life. She is always pretty, even if she watches TV on the couch or when she is going to the store.

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Another important Ukrainian woman trait is intelligence. By the way it is inherited in genetic way; Ukraine has good and very compulsory system of education. Except for education, Ukrainians like to read a lot and are usually creative. Most of Ukrainian girls after school graduation enter Universities, mostly in Ukraine, less often abroad. Ukrainian women are erudite and know many interesting about the world than any other average girl of other country. They are good in conversations and you can talk with them on many topics for hours. Ukrainian women’s intelligence includes two types of smartness: streets smart and book smart. What concerns book-smart aspect we have already decided. Street smart Ukrainian girls are because life in Ukraine is harder that in western countries, so not to survive, but to be on top, you have to be attentive, tricky, and smart and win among competitors. Ukrainian women often work on two jobs, raise children, and know many additional crafts like knitting, macrame and modeling.

Kindness of Ukrainian women is also their important trait. Ukrainian woman is less emancipated than western one. She lets her man to rule the situation and not because she likes to be like slave, she has different point of view for life that her western colleagues. Family, husband and children are main values for average Ukrainian woman. Ukrainian woman is also good psychologist for every member of her family. She is always ready to support, give proper advice and help even in the most difficult situation.

Being good housewife is not a trait in particular, but we included this point to our list. Ukrainian woman like to be on the kitchen, preparing something tasty for the whole family. If it is going about romantic evening with husband, she is good in preparing dinner as well. Ukrainian woman gets pleasure from cooking and usually is taught to this from childhood, by helping her mother. She has many recopies in her head and in notebook somewhere and they are all great dishes. As for other aspects of being housewife, like cleaning the house, Ukrainian woman is on top as well. She will clean the house, wash dishes, wash clothes and iron it if needed. Interesting, that in Ukraine man rarely helps wife by the house, so when Ukrainian woman gets married to foreigner, she does not expect such help by the house as well.

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Ukrainian woman is caring mother. She loves her children and her husband equal. She is ready to take most of anxieties about raising kids and usually will take more care paying more attention to kids than husband. When you mean Ukrainian woman, it is not going about she does not want to have kids. Almost every Ukrainian woman from the childhood dreams to have nice husband when she grows up, happy family and many kids. Ukrainian families usually have two kids, but according to financial aspects can afford to have only one child. So, as you see, if you dream about Ukrainian wife and many kids, you are on the right way.

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