Ukrainian women choose the best fiancé: Ukrainian or foreigner

Among the issues that cause greatest revival among the readers is: “Who is the better, Ukrainian guys or overseas guys”. Especially excited are those whose intercultural experience is purely theoretical. Thoughts are different, like: “All Ukrainian men are unshaven and unkind” or “all overseas guys are gays and stingy”.

Tatiana Ohnivenko, columnist of website, closely followed the progress of discussions and has recently married and Italian. Week in new capacity gave her enough material to reflect on the topic professionally.

Personal experience

– Dating with foreigner – not at all! I am interested only in Ukrainian men! – These words my friend Zhenya reminds me so often and mockingly laughs. I have always believed that I have to marry Ukrainian man as well as I have give birth to my children only in Ukraine. A friend of mine thought the opposite. She ignored Ukrainian macho but if any fashioned Australian appears in Kyiv club or Swede, German or Englishman, she would always try to attract his attention. All foreigners in her mind were educated and sophisticated, they open car door for woman and they say beautiful words even in “their language” and say compliments non-stop. She considered Ukrainian guys are non-educated village people. Read also: Ukrainian women for marriage

Ukrainian women choose the best fiancé: Ukrainian or foreigner

I had my own arguments. Firstly, it is always easier to negotiate in your own language. Secondly, if to talk about Ukrainian man’s level of education, he is educated much well than any average European. Once I tried to date with foreign manager, half french, so he did not know who George Sand is! He thought it was a man. Well, how could I date with him after that? Thirdly, if for many foreigners share the bill in the restaurant is normal, for any Ukrainian man it is nonsense.

In addition, relations with Ukrainian men always are something sharper and unpredictable. One Japanese woman I know once said: “I want to fall in love with Ukrainian man”. She was asked: “What is it suddenly?” She answered quite seriously with tears in his voice: “To suffer!”

And here the other day I married an Italian, whom I met at the wedding of a friend. Everyone says that we have familiar appearance. We understand each other without words, and thoughts often coincide. Probably because of that my Italian language is far from good. He does not know who the George Sand and Angelina Jolie are, but for some reason it just amuses me. My friend Zhenya fell in love with Ukrainian man who appeared to be very jealous and now she escaped from him to Goa in search of the meaning of life.

Let’s get to the point. What are pros and cons of Ukrainian and foreign men?

Who is more romantic?

Ukrainians are still a little bit surprised that the characters in American films say “I love you” instead of “bye, see you”. We have not made much sense to dwell on. Girl has to guess that man loves her.

“I love you, stupid!” – That’s the first time my husband declared his love when being drunk, and I decided seriously to leave him! “- says Anna on the website

“My husband, just when he became ex-husband, in six months he told me he always loved me, longing for our common wakes up. But if I decide to go back to him, this conversation should be forgotten! It is ridiculous! “- says Marina.

But I do not even know who is more romantic – a man who until recently hides his feelings, and then pours it one stream, or the one who substitutes your name with the word “honey”? Ukrainian women are getting not enough compliments and expressed feelings. And Ukrainian guys are afraid girl would become too arrogant if tell her compliments all the time. As a result of lack of emotion her mind easily blows from talkative Turk. Ukrainian men’s’ love is hidden deep in the soul, and he keeps silent about it, but a foreigner under any emotion tells his enthusiastically words of love. Here we have 0:0 score.

Who helps about the house more?

Most Ukrainian women do not like Ukrainian men’s relevance to everyday life in sense of housekeeping. Rare husband does not feel shameful to wash dishes or cook dinner. Vacuum cleaning is also uncommon for Ukrainian man to do. The man came home from work and gets on the couch, and the wife must prepare the food, then clean everything up and still has a lot of things to do. Ukrainian men complain that women go wrong, that their mother worked in the kitchen in silence. And women do not want to be slaves like their mother. So far, Ukrainian man who along with his wife works about the house is rarely seen. And abroad it is rule for a long time. To be objective, must say that in Ukrainian family man usually works for himself and wife and has to get enough for his whole family, including children, wife, paying bills, buying gasoline etc. And life in Ukraine is quite expensive. It has European prices, but Ukrainian, sometimes 10 times lower that average European salaries. Read also: Ukrainian women in bed

“At the time my German husband is working in the kitchen; preparing meat. By the way, this is our standard situation, because from Friday to Sunday, when he is at home I especially do nothing, and my husband during the weekend is trying to please me”- says guest. Here foreigners win.

Who is sexier and more beautiful?

In one foreign research Ukrainian men took “pride” 10th place in the list of worst lovers. And you know why? – For being unshaven.

Have you seen these shaved European macho on the beach? Yes, western handsome men are watching their appearance more and their wardrobe sometimes is bigger than women’s one. And often good clothes properly hide flaws in appearance. But it is a myth all men “there” (abroad) are so handsome and model-looking. Men on average are the same everywhere. Many Ukrainian women who went to live in another country with Ukrainian men say that their local men are pale background comparing to Ukrainian man. Some men in Ukraine are afraid to dress up stylish so not to be considered homosexuals and therefore women will not communicate with them.

Although, being in anticipation of first child, no matter how I love my Italian husband, I want our baby looked like my Cossack grandfather, relative by my mother’s line. This is where sexuality and beauty in its purest form! Overall, here Ukrainians win.

Attitude to betrayal

Now the situation is that even if you do not betray, you have at least pretend that you have a lover. Otherwise you are not a real man! – Told one of my friends. – Because all my friends boast about the details of their personal life “on the side”.

In this sense, foreigners more adequately perceive the traces of time in a woman’s face; do not put his wife to blame wrinkles and cellulite. Those who are married to Ukrainian woman, at some time attracted her by respect for the family and women. Of course, there are also immoral men, but still, there are much less betrayal cases. If foreigner has already married, all love intrigues with other women are usually ended. This time foreigners win.

Attitude to money

Most women are concurred that Ukrainian men are forward here. Of course, greedy ones are everywhere, but the overall trend is still for old-fashioned guys. If you’re with Ukrainian man, do not worry, he mainly pays for everything. And the wife chooses whether to work or not. Earn money and bring it to the house should man, as the head of the family. Another question is that the economic situation is not easy, as elsewhere in the world. But probably only in Ukraine husband gives all his income to his wife. And if Ukrainian husband earns well, he is usually generous and makes big presents for wife and children.

“I hastily married an Englishman. And then it turned out that he assumed that we are going to share the budget along. I explained him – “No, dear, I’m Ukrainian woman and things are different to me. I keep the house and economy and take care about children and you are responsible for earning. And if not, your beautiful Ukrainian woman comes back home. He understood everything and took it “- says our reader Olena.

And maybe the deal is not in men?

Of course, when it is a beautiful love story, it really does not matter whether your love is from Ukraine or foreign country. But what is clearly evident for many Ukrainian women phrase “Real men extinct in Ukraine” supposedly is just an excuse. And often they marry not a man, but a foreign country. Under the pretext that in Ukraine all men drink, wives get beaten and so on. It is rather excuse for lazy chicks who decided not to work, but get everything at once just for beauty and such women rarely become good wives. Good woman for marriage in Ukraine is the one, who finished University, is looking or have found job and making her own career. If she meets man she fall in love, she would combine work and house duties. That is kind of Ukrainian woman all man of the world dream about.

Sick people are everywhere, and women, who are incarcerated mentally searching marginalized man, would always find such guys everywhere, not depending on the country, and after that complaining how hard their life is. Then they generalize and say, “all British men are pigs, because my husband is”, “all the French men are traitors because mine is” In formal logic this is called generalization error.

Geography does not matter when it is going about true love. One of my friends went to spend holidays in Turkey, met Canadian girl on the beach and the day before yesterday… they celebrated their three years wedding anniversary. Wonderful couple! They live in Ukraine with the baby and sometimes travel to Canada to visit her parents. And, probably, as for her, the best man in the world is Ukrainian.

I am just married for a week, but we love each other for more than a year. And I never even thought to compare how Roberto acts and how Ukrainian man would act. I don’t need to do that, because I am happy enough without it. Read also: Advices for men who are looking for wife in Ukraine

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