Ukrainian women for marriage

Pure love, villa by the ocean and a big bank account: times have changed, and Ukrainian Cinderella is looking for Prince – rich overseas fiance, who will save them from mediocrity and lack of money. Not only wealth attracts, but also the imagination that abroad they will be always given flowers and gifts, and husband will carry her (his Ukrainian woman) on hands.

After a bit of a lull caused by the crisis, marriage agencies have a lot of work again, because the demand for Ukrainian women for marriage has increased with new interest.

One of the reasons, why foreign fiances are attracted by beautiful and educated Ukrainian girls is because of mixture of European appearance and Asian complaisance. One more factor why Ukrainian women are ready for intercultural marriage is that they are not picky. Young Europeans rarely agrees to marry a 50-60-year-old. Ukrainian women do not see it as interference. However, they do not choose, they are chosen. In western agencies women bear the costs equally with men. In Ukrainian marriage agencies the man pays. Girls only remain to swear “true, loyal and eternal love.” But eternity in such a short-lived marriage is countable. According to statistics, during the first year two thirds of marriages are ending with divorce and related issues.

Most cases there are no love in search of foreign husband. Girls are married off to the country. They are ready to marry anyone, just to get away from Ukraine, where they think nothing can be achieved. Do not want to see the possibilities that, in the meantime, they have in motherland. And still think that they will resolve all their problems abroad.

Ukrainian women for marriage

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Though, as psychologists say if we do not solve our problems in one place, we simply carry them over to another. Leave without knowing that marriage is threatened in the future, do not look that far. They just want to “break”, and whatever comes up. Even if it’s love (rare cases, because love occurs, when people know each other), the difference in historical approaches to life sooner or later affects. And then it becomes unbearably difficult from understanding errors: being in a foreign country, away from parents, from friends, from native Ukrainian culture. That is why Ukrainian women who seek for marriage abroad do not realize all the seriousness of their steps blinded with desire to build their happiness, often with unknown older abroad looser.

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