Ukrainian women looking for American husband

Is this statement truth? Partially true, because according to the statistics, only 2% out of all Ukrainian women dream to have a foreigner for the husband. Ukrainian woman as any other woman look for a strong man who will give her pleasure and at the same time could feed the family. It does not mean she will not work. Ukrainian woman goes for work the same as their husband do, but she usually earn less. Subconsciously, Ukrainian woman wants her man to be the head of the family. Man must rule the process. Ukrainian women are not as feministic as their western colleagues. Read also: Ukrainian girls make good housewives

If to think over once more, why some percentage of Ukrainian women is looking for American husband, the reason is that she wants to live in normal country where human rights are on the first place and where she will not feel material needs very badly. But most of those women think that life in USA is like in fairy tale or as in the movies.

Ukrainian women looking for American husband

As it is not true, they often get very disappointed and miss their native land. American husband is good choice for Ukrainian woman if they love each other. It is not the question of origin, but the question of love and human relationships.

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  1. James says:

    Bored with lazy ungrateful locals looking for a happy want to move to USA
    Open minded am an self employed 5313183195

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