Ukrainian women who want to date Americans

Ukrainian women who want to date Americans, who are they? Those Ukrainian women who would like to leave Ukraine for USA or any other country is not that big and is only about 2% out of all population and Ukrainian population is about 45 million people, so in numbers it is about 900 thousands! Wow, great amount you would say now! So, there are many Ukrainian ladies who would like to marry American or any other foreigner and foreign man has big choice and many options between Ukrainian ladies.

Who are those Ukrainian ladies who are looking for overseas fiance? Are they desperate or just curious or there is some other option? Must say reasons why Ukrainian women are eagerly agreed to marry foreigner are different and every particular case is peculiar, but if we generalize, some main reasons might be surely found. The reason number one is some Ukrainian women think if they are married to foreigner, they surely will leave Ukraine for paradise. They do not fully realize life in USA is also hard and full of challenges. It is not paradise, but they still believe Hollywood movies.

By the way, if Ukrainian woman is not fluent in English, she will find no job in US and have to stay at home. Her husband would need to work for both and if there are many kids? Even if Ukrainian woman is fluent in English, her Ukrainian University diploma is not accepted in America. Think about such poor woman, who speaks no English, sitting in the house, having no friends and waiting for husband as the only person she knows. Some Ukrainian women are marrying American in purpose and clearly know why. Such a woman is ready to work in USA and would like to live fully socialized life, so do not expect her to be in the house doing house stuff. The best way is to marry Ukrainian woman whom you were not looking for on purpose, but have met spontaneously, more likely in Ukraine, or in USA. If you liked her as a person and if she appreciates you as a man for your personal qualities, this is the best way to marry Ukrainian woman. Such women who created profiles on dating websites are usually gold diggers. It is better to find Ukrainian woman in Ukrainian social network and communicate with her. For her it would be good chance to improve English and probably curious conversation and for you a moment to know what are Ukrainian girls like and maybe someday you will visit her in Ukraine if communication is interesting and lasts for long.

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There are not real profiles of the girls on dating websites and some other woman or even man could chat with you from the other part of the world, using pretty photo instead of real. Be aware of such scammers and avoid them, because those are not real Ukrainian women who want to talk to American, but people who would like to use you and your money. The best way to find real Ukrainian girl I described above.

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What are the best women from Ukraine for marriage? If you still decided to use Internet to fin Ukrainian lady, you have to look for Ukrainian women in their 40’s looking for husband in U.S. This is because besides being pretty they still kept the best qualities of traditional Ukrainian woman, who is good in bed and good housewife and caring mother and the one who is intelligent, ready to support you anytime. Ukrainian ladies at this age know what they want from life and if they are lonely in Ukraine, it means it is hard for them to find good husband, because almost all the men are married or for some other reason. If you choose 20 years old Ukrainian lady for bride, do not expect much of housewife qualities and prepare to share obligations in house work, raising future kids and preparing food. Of course, young Ukrainian girls are much less emancipated than American girls and are much better housewives, but still are not as good as their mothers. Things are changing and Ukrainian girls as well. They remain beautiful, but will never do such amount of housework as one might expect their compatriots did 10 years ago.

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