What is 8th of March in Ukraine

In Ukraine 8th of March is considered the International Women’s Day or if to rephrase All Women’s Day. Although in western countries no one has heard about this day, including women, CIS countries or former republics of Soviet Union celebrate this holiday widely.

Traditionally in Ukraine men was the getter and woman’s work was to keep the house and do the entire house work, but not on the 8th of March. This day every woman was allowed to wish all she wants, including all the work she had to do man was doing instead, not even arguing.

There was even brutal saying: “Be silent, woman, your day is 8th of March”. Of course, it is not like that now in Ukraine, women do a lot of earlier considered men’s work and vice verse; women become more independent and emancipated.

Although, the actual roots of the holiday were lost somewhere in the history deepness, the 8th of March is a big day in Ukraine. It is widely celebrated as a national holiday. 8th of March is the day off in Ukraine. So, if you have Ukrainian girl friend or your wife is Ukrainian, you have to greet her, and if you do not do that, she would be very offended. On the 8th of March in Ukraine men give presents to their women. The presents are different, but the most widespread are flowers and jewelry. The 8th of March is also considered as the Spring Holiday, as Spring symbolizes mother nature that gives birth to all the same as woman gives birth to child and to the new life. Read also: What Ukrainian girls like very much?

What is 8th of March in Ukraine

Important, on the 8th of March not only beloved parts are greeted and given presents, like on St. Valentine’s Day, for example. As it is “The Day of All Women”, man of the family has to great his wife, his mother, his daughter, his sister and granny. Also men in Ukraine during the day of 8th of March greet all the women they met this day (if they know them: neighbor e.g.)

What phrase man use to greet woman in Ukraine or Russia on the 8th of March?

In Ukrainian the phrases are:

Вітаю з восьмим березня – Vitayu z vosmym bereznia – Greetings on The 8th of March
Вітаю зі святом – Vitayu zi sviatom – Greetings on holiday

In Russian the phrases are:

Поздравляю с восьмым марта – Pozdravlyaju s vosmim marta – Greetings on The 8th of March
Поздравляю с праздником – Pozdravlyaju s prazdnikom – Greetings on holiday

History of the holiday

In 1910, The Second International Conference of Working Women was held in Copenhagen. The leader of the women’s group of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, Clara Zetkin put forward the idea of celebrating International Women’s Day. She suggested that the International Women’s Day was celebrated every year in every country in the same day. The purpose of this holiday Zetkin called the struggle of women for their rights.

The official status of “International Women’s Day” this holiday acquired by the decision of the United Nations in 1975.

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