What makes Ukrainian women to be so pretty?

Being in Ukraine most of the foreigners are literary shocked by amount of model looking girls on the streets. Everywhere: in every town, city in every part of Ukraine from East to West. It is really like you are surrounded by model looking girls who are everywhere, but they are just usual Ukrainian girls and each of them is doing her regular lifestyle – work, studies, rest etc. If in the States you can see such pretty women mostly in the movies or different shows – in Ukraine you can meet them just on the street, in the supermarket or while having a walk in the park. If in the States such pretty girl would usually behave as the princess because she knows that he has the main trump – her beauty and would try to use it in her personal interest. In Ukraine most of such pretty girls behave normal way because such level of beauty, if we can name it so, is normal for Ukrainian population. These of Ukrainian men who have never been abroad hardly realize they have got such a bonus – to live in paradise of pretties.

Ukrainian Slavic beauty is inherited from ancestors and is transferred through genome from mother to child. If we make quick overlook to the history of ancient Ukraine we will find many facts that Turks were attacking Ukrainian villages and towns and the most valued “good” they took with them back were pretty Ukrainian girls. Must say nothing has changed much since that time – foreigners come to Ukraine and take pretty Ukrainian women back with them but the methods became more loyal. Mostly it is marriage with pretty Ukrainian woman.

If to talk about Ukrainian women genetic code of prettiness it is worth to remind genes are very powerful thing because most of Ukrainian girls have great metabolism – they don’t need specially visit gyms and run for hours to keep their body in a good shape. On the contrary – many Ukrainian girls eat what they want and as much as they want and still their figure remain pretty and many other girls are just envy. Pretty figure along with not less adorable features of face is what makes Ukrainian women gorgeous.

Although, many Ukrainian girls, especially youth, are visiting gyms, do active cardio trainings, ride bikes, do running and swimming to keep themselves pretty and fit. Not less important is how those Ukrainian girls are being able to emphasize their beauty with proper make up, high hills and nice stylish clothes. We got used to the fact that American woman may visit supermarket in pajama, but Ukrainian girl is always sophisticated, stylishly dressed and she is magnet which attracts men. Even Beatles have sung about pretty Ukrainian girls who drive men crazy.

What makes Ukrainian women to be so pretty?

One more reason which is kind of theory now that Ukrainian women kept their beauty from generation to generation because there were no “hunt for the witches” on Ukrainian lands unlike in Western Europe where most of pretty girls were considered witches and had been demolished by inquisition.

Ukrainian girls have European type of beauty which is considered by many as the best type of girls most of men in the world prefer, but everyone has his own assumption of beauty and many men also think that, for example, Latin girls are the most beautiful in the world and some will say there are no pretties women than Asian beauties. Many men – many tastes, many minds and many different opinions on beauty.

What is the best way to find out why Ukrainian girls are so good looking? The best way would be to visit Ukraine and check yourself as beauty could be not only physical, but also inner beauty. Along with great appearance this makes Ukrainian women beyond the competition. Being intelligent for woman is also very important because no one would like dating just pretty doll. Pretty dolls are quite boring and men usually very quickly lose interest to such person. But when woman is gorgeous and you can handle a conversation with her on different topics and in addition to that she is great adviser, psychologist and optimist – this is what really makes Ukrainian girls so attractive. Being not only pretty and intelligent they are also very feminine and have such features and values which girls of the West have already lost according to their will. What is for sure – if you meet Ukrainian girl once in your life you will always remember her.

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