What Ukrainian girls like very much?

What Ukrainian girls like very much? If you are interested because you want to make a present for your Ukrainian girlfriend or just want to please Ukrainian girls I’ll give one simple advice: flowers. All Ukrainian girls just love flowers and by presenting flowers you are able to melt any ice in relations. Even if you seriously argued with Ukrainian girl, bringing flowers will surely help. All Ukrainian girls and women like flowers and presenting flowers is a gesture of sincere man that would be appreciated greatly and bring you dividends in the future. Ukrainian girls got used to get flowers on the holidays, it is compulsory in Ukraine, so if you forget to present flowers for Ukrainian girl, she would be definitely offended, even if she does not show you this. Keep that in mind, but if you present flowers for just no reason, she would be so impressed that just never forget about that and will tell all her friends. Ukrainian girls have different attitude to flowers than western women. They appreciate flowers as the present and flowers do wonders with them. If you decided to present flowers, be sure they are beautiful, no matter what type of flowers is it, but number should be odd. Even number of flowers in Ukraine is brought for funerals only. It is also better not to give yellow tulips as in is the sign of separation.

As for other presents, Ukrainian girls like chocolate as well. It is good present so keep that in mind. Teddy bears and other stuffed small toys will call positive feelings of your Ukrainian girl and definitely memorize you in mind in any case. Presenting jewelry and expensive gadgets is not good idea even if it is going about pure great love. Such an expensive present might scare Ukrainian girl and make her feel uncomfortable and some kind of obligatory.

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What Ukrainian girls like very much?

This is good way to check your relations, but it could be presented after long time relations, not on the first or even 10th date. If your girl demands or asks you in slighter manner to buy her clothes, gadget or jewelry, you better stay away from her, because her aim is to use you and you have met gold digger. Ukrainian girl who has real feelings is always a little shy and will be even shy if you make a present, not telling about asking to buy her something. For girl with good manners it is just unacceptable.

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If by question: “What Ukrainian girls like very much” you meant not presents but feelings and stuff like that, I’ll give some advices and it is going not only about Ukrainian girls. They like when man takes care of them. Every Ukrainian girl likes her men to be strong and able to solve any hard question but at the same time be gentle and tender to her. They like when family is full of happy events and memories, with kids running near. They like to be sure in the next day and are looking for man who could satisfy her in different ways, including emotional, moral, sexual, material and spiritual. Those are important things and every Ukrainian girl subconsciously is looking for them and feels happy if one day she found.

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