Why Ukrainian women want to leave Ukraine

According to recent research, more Ukrainian woman would like to live abroad. Must admit that it relates mostly to young Ukrainian woman, because the older ones mostly have their families, strong family relationships and formed outlook.

The reason why Ukrainian women increasingly want to marry foreigners and why they are so eager to leave their own country and live abroad lies somewhere between unstable economical situation (low wages, corruptible courts, uncertainty about the future) and maternal instinct to rise up children in uncorrupted state, with no needs in money and bright prospects in the future. In the past many Ukrainian women thought they would appear in paradise abroad.

Young Ukrainian generation think different, because many of them at least have Internet and communicate with foreigners all over the world and many Ukrainian woman have already been abroad for the excursions, season work, students exchange and so on, that is why young Ukrainian girls realize that life abroad is full of challenges and problems as anywhere in the world. Though, outlook to live abroad draws less essential problems that in Ukraine. Every woman subconsciously chooses strong partner and e.g. some Australian fiance for Ukrainian woman with his economical sureness in the future is better partner than Ukrainian husband, who may lost his job and will be unable to supply his family with money in harsh Ukrainian reality, where snickers costs 5 UAH and average salary is 2500 UAH, the house in average town costs about 240000 UAH ($30000).

Why Ukrainian women want to leave Ukraine

My point of view is that Ukrainian woman looks for a strong partner for her future progeny. According to statistics, more than 70% of Ukrainian students want to work abroad and more than 80% of all Ukrainians would like to work abroad. Every tenth of young Ukrainians want to go live abroad. This tendency partially gives answer to the question why so many women from Ukraine are looking for happiness in foreign lands.

We cannot say that all Ukrainian girls want to leave abroad. It is not true. Many of them are happy to live in Ukraine, have strong relations with Ukrainian partner and are happy in marriage, give birth and rise up children with beloved husband. We cannot even say that vast majority of Ukrainian woman want to leave Ukraine. The thing is that Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe with 45 million of citizens and if even 3% out of all adult Ukrainian women wish to find foreign husband and leave Ukraine with him, it is great amount of people, especially if to compare with small European countries with population about 1 million citizens. Read also: Typical Ukrainian Woman

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  1. October 20, 2017

    […] As usual, we have found few objective reasons. Reason number one, of course, natural genetically inherited beauty and sexuality. Slim figure, long legs, beautiful eyes and hair, pretty face… This list could be as long as many associations Ukrainian woman evoke in your brain. So, natural genetically inherited sexuality and beautiful model body. If you were in Ukraine, it is a brainstorm. You see those beauties everywhere: in offices, at the store, in public transport, in hospital. Oh, they are so cute. Ukrainian women are mostly not fat, they usually eat what they want and do not get fat not even paying attention to the diet or something. Of course, there are exceptions, but in general all written before is true. Maybe they do not eat so much of fast-food? Read also: Why women from Ukraine want to leave their country […]

  2. April 1, 2018

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